About Us


We are professionals with extensive experience in Logistics and supply chain, Foreign Trade and Customs and all industries. In recent years we have been successfully working on the exports of more than 20 exporting clients, managing to meet the expectations and requirements of exporters and importers.

This makes us a company capable of promoting and developing these issues without any impediment.

Our Services

We promote the development of integral logistic areas of maritime and air exports. Imports. We have expert professionals and our strategic partners in the following services.

Integral Logistics for Air Export: 100%


Maritime Agency: 100%


Integral Logistics for Maritime Export: 100%


We manage Drawback: 100%


Warehouse Extra Port: 100%


Imports: 100%


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Continue to provide our customers with replica watches quality service that has led us to grow each year, with greater performance and following the relevant regulations for both the import and export of their cargo.


To become one of the leading companies in the local market, with greater capacity of load, movements and clientele, we continue training ourselves constantly to deliver the best of us to our clients and new potential customers, offering integral solutions in all our range of services.